Bali Landscapr kintamani

Start Early in the morning with one of our guides. Departing your hotel or villa. let us start by taking you though the western side of the island. Driving though Antosari and later through Pupuan where the island remains unspoiled by the over reaching arm of the hundreds of tourists that visit the island.


Reach your destination of Sinaraja around noon and in time lunch, where sampling the local cuisine is a must. the town is set with numerous houses built in the the dutch colonial style. 

heading from Sigaraja through to Gitgit waterfall, located in dense jungle, where bringing your towel is a must.


Meandering your way back in the afternoon, takes you though Ubud and the Monkey forest. Ubud famous for is cafes and retreats that favour the yoga lovers. Take some time to explore the area before heading back.


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  1. I recently did this trip and was able to experience Bali away from the tourists. Lunch was delicious. I highly recommend this trip!

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